Rapid Development, done professionally

We develop highly professional, integrated service solutions for your business, both rapidly and expertly.

We rely on CakePHP,
the rapid development framework.

About CakePHP

CakePHP is a Rapid Web Development Framework.

PHP has developed over the past few years into by far the most widely spread technology on the World Wide Web. Minimal demands in terms of infrastructure mean that PHP can be used to create comprehensive and highly scalable web applications within a relatively short time-frame.

In recent years frameworks have established themselves firmly in the development of web applications.

Configuration according to conventions

A large portion of development work for web applications comprises implementing repeated tasks again and again. The clearest example of this is can be found in the case of forms.

  1. Form fields are shown
  2. After the form has been sent, the entered information is validated
  3. If there are errors in the completed form, the form is returned to the user and a validation error message is shown
  4. After successful validation the entered information is processed and saved in a database

Web frameworks aim to take over these tasks where possible, freeing developers to concentrate their efforts and expertise on the special requirements of the application.

The approach which CakePHP stringently follows is to develop according to conventions. By complying with certain rules with regard to naming in the database and user activities, CakePHP is largely able to automate the procedures described above. This automation avoids the huge amount of repetitive configuration work required in technologies like Java Enterprise Edition (JEE / J2EE), which involve more effort and costs while providing an equal or worse outcome. In other words, CakePHP saves valuable development time and costs.

Select the right technology

CakeExperts is a division of a company which has had many years of experience in the implementation of enterprise applications, chiefly in industries requiring the highest levels of quality and security such as the banking and insurance sectors. We perform a detailed analysis of your technical requirements and then select the most suitable technology to meet your needs. Our objective is to find the best technology for your company. Should CakePHP prove unsuitable for your requirements, this is certainly no dead-end. Our team of experts in a wide range of technologies are sure to find an excellent solution for you.