Rapid Development, done professionally

We develop highly professional, integrated service solutions for your business, both rapidly and expertly.

We rely on CakePHP,
the rapid development framework.


Consultation and Business Planning

Do you have new ideas for your company and seek professionals with expertise and technical skills to help you bring these ideas to life?

Are you faced with business challenges which require additional resources to enable you to meet them?

Do you have projects with varying levels of complexity, and need support in planning and implementing them?

  • We provide consultation which aims to positively affect your company’s development.
  • We assist you in analyzing the concrete tasks which need to be undertaken.
  • We develop customized, high-quality, pragmatic solutions.
  • We implement these solutions consistently and quickly.

Rapid Development & Rapid Prototyping

Our objective is to set up a highly agile development process between ourselves and our clients. We include you in our process, allowing you to remain constantly up-to-date and giving you the opportunity to interact with us throughout the development process. This ensures that at the end of the day you will have exactly the product that you were aiming for.

CakePHP technology allows you to transform your ideas into prototypes in record time. In the software business a prototype provides an extremely valuable basis for discussion. Software development should be an interactive process, which is not only bound to paper but can be brought to life.


We take over the full scope of project tasks, allowing you to concentrate your efforts on your daily business. In this regard we take it upon ourselves to carry operative responsibility for the project and also to keep tabs on the related cost components and budgets.

Quality Assurance

Even when time becomes tight towards the end of a project, CakeExperts do not compromise on code quality or stability. We already plan the time required for continuous quality assurance from the outset and rely on tried and tested internal quality assurance procedures in our teams, such as peer reviews or pair programming.